This filmmaker is ‘totally obsessed with the natural world’


Bertie Gregory has come a long way since he spent his childhood photographing birds and badgers in his backyard in Reading, England. Today, he is a natural history filmmaker and national his geographic explorer who has visited every continent and documented some of the most spectacular and rarely seen wildlife sights on earth. increase. Along the way, the 29-year-old has crossed paths with alligators and jaguars, logged thousands of hours in jungles and deserts, and sung beluga whales to lure them into camera range (pop his star Adele’s song He found it to work.) In his boyhood, Gregory was teased for being “totally obsessed with the natural world.” But it was his passion that led him to this career. He says it’s a “great way to get others excited” about wildlife conservation.

In his new series An epic adventure with Bertie Gregory, He takes the viewer behind the camera to see amazing animals and all the work and luck that went into filming them. Each episode tries to show the best of “animals and humans, epic and personal, beautiful and urgent.”

All episodes of National Geographic’s five-part original series An epic adventure with Bertie Gregory Coming September 8th on Disney+.

This story appears in the October 2022 issue national geographic magazine.


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